Whey protein vs plant protein

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Whey protein vs plant protein powder

Feed to pigs, causing bloating and water retention are just some of the things you learn about in this article. The sports nutrition is changing massively, professional athletes, celebrities and models are moving to plant based diets, not just for visual appeal, health and feeling good are the main factors these people are changing to plant based nutrition.

Whey Protein.....  the "throw away product of cheese making"

Before the boom in bodybuilding and the creation of mainstream gymnasiums, whey protein was a ‘throw away’ by product of cheese making. It was most commonly sold as a product to feed pigs, dumped into drains or spread onto crop fields. Whey protein is no more than a glorified animal feed that has become a billion pound commodity.  Outside of being a source of protein, it has very little nutritional value for human consumption and can have detrimental effects on long-term health.

In 2010 a panel of the European food safety authority concluded that proposed health claims made on whey protein did not support scientific literature.

Water Retention

Have you ever looked around the gym and noticed that people don’t look in great shape, despite putting the effort in. It is impossible to out train poor dietary choices. Selecting whey protein as a recovery shake may have the opposite effect of what the product is supposed to achieve.  If your goal is to have a defined, lean physique, and then whey protein may not be the option to achieve your goals.  Consuming whey protein causes the body to retain water. It causes the muscles to look bloated, as 75% of muscle is water.  Whey protein contains hormones and foreign chemicals that disrupt fluid regulation within the body.