Sue Gardener

Sue Gardner
Location: Greater Manchester
Product of Choice: CBD Sport 10% (1000mg)

My name is Susan Gardner or Harriet Susan Gardner.  I have been a Fitness Instructor for over 26 years.  As a single mother of 2, being in the Fitness Industry has always been able to allow me to be there for every event and when they needed me.   In my late 30’s I qualified with an HND in business management and Marketing which has certainly been useful over the years. 

I have a very varied healthy and exercise life starting with County Netball, Hockey and Cross Country when at school.  Leading onto Martial Arts and a 1st Dan in my early 30’s and representing my country on the England Squad.  To date from then, I have spent 26 years always learning and honing my expertise in the fitness industry.  Qualified in 5 different Les Mills classes, and many other kinds of Instruction including Step, Aerobics, and Kettlercise,  a Level 3 Yoga, Pilates and Ante-Natal and Post instructor and a Level 3 Personal Trainer.  My personal training when not teaching is CrossFit coming into it in my 50’s and I love it.   

Healthwise I have been very fortunate to have only taken a handful of days off over the past 26 years and the few injuries I have had have not stopped me from teaching. Why?  I'm a great believer in listening to your body, taking in the correct nutrients and supplements.  This is why I'm excited to be working with Raw Sport and CBD Sport Oils as they are British, the products have accountability, they are plant-based which makes it available for all. 

I currently teach classes in and around Saddleworth and live in Uppermill, my PT clients are mostly in their own homes and at a local Private Gym. 

My target audience as I get older is from mid 40’s upwards.  As a menopausal woman, I'm entering a new phase in my life which means a change of supplements to meet the new changes in my body and to keep me in the same condition as I have always been.  Energetic, mobile, supple and strong.