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Lean Dean AKA TheRealHealthCoach
Plant based health and lifestye guru, ex professional football player and founder of Lean Dean Meal Replacement and Get Lean Program, & Revolution foods

All About Raw Sport

Dean Howell, a former professional footballer and our team of qualified nutritional therapists have developed and created a very special combination of ingredients, making a superior . The owners, all keen sports enthusiasts, found sourcing quality sports nutrition supplements difficult. In todays market many products are of poor quality and full of artificial additives. 

It was this major pain point that drove the desire to create a range of products that they themselves would be happy to personally consume. Quality of profits, combining the very best ingredients for health and performance.

It is our promise to deliver sports nutrition products that have a positive effect on health, athletic performance and recovery. Our passion and ethos for quality can be reflected in our product range and we hope to inspire people to take health and performance to the next level.

Lean Dean Meal Replacement 

Lean Dean complete Meal delivers a vegan friendly nutritionally complete meal, FREE From Dairy, Gluten, Soya, Non FMO and artificial additives. A fast and convenient shake you can prepare in under 3 minutes, ideal for people leading busy lives.

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20 years in the making, our founder Dean Howell, helps you get Lean the healthy way! 

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20 years in the making, our founder Dean Howell, helps you get Lean the healthy way! 

 Get 20% off on the introductory offer today 

Get Lean with Lean Dean...

Over 20 years experience as a plant based athlete...